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Mini vs Square Polaroid Prints

One of our frequently asked questions is the comparison between the mini and square polaroids we have in the store. Read on to find out our favourite format and which one you should choose!

For portability

The Mini. These are the favourites to put in a wallet or under a clear phone case for that real vintage look.

For quality

The Square. The colour and detail that show up in these photos are downright jaw-dropping!

For gifting and snail mailing

Both! Square polaroids are the perfect standalone gift paired with a nice kraft envelope (your order automatically comes with one!), and Mini ones work best for cards, postcards, and snail mail.

For price point

It depends on what you're looking for! Mini photos are more cost effective and pack less dynamic colours and detail. Our honest opinion places the Square photos as your best bet for bang for buck, though! ;)

For the classic polaroid look

The Square. Original vintage polaroids are square, so you can channel all the vintage vibes with this format!

And the winner is...

The Square polaroid! With its exquisite detail and accurate colours, you can never go wrong with this option. Whichever you decide, we have both available for you today! Check out our store for polaroids, magnets and gifts!
Here's a little summary we've created on the merits of both formats:
Happy shopping!
- Ri

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