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The Beginnings of Prints From My Instax

Hello, friend! Thank you for coming to my blog. For those who don't know, my name is Ri and I run Prints From My Instax from the Greater Toronto Area.

Getting into Instant Film and Film Photography

Years ago, there was a photo I wish I could print onto a polaroid, instead of the usual unremarkable photo paper. Unsuccessful in my search in the usual places one would look to print photos, I ended up (sadly) having it printed on photo paper.

Fast forward to 2020, I was gifted an Instax Mini 8 camera that became my obsession for the first few months of the year until I decided to upgrade to an Instax Mini 90 for more features (like turning off that pesky flash).

Instax Mini 8 Camera

My film addiction grew to encompass finding the best deals on film (film is expensive)! I soon added a ridiculous number of vintage 35mm cameras to my film photography mix as well.

I knew there were tools to print digital photos onto Instax film, but why bother with those when I have the real deal cameras to use?

How Prints From My Instax Started

Scrolling past Instax film deals one day in the summer of 2020, I came across a particularly large amount of film for a very good deal (we're talking a few hundred packs of 10 shots). I took a leap and bought all of it, all on a hunch that there might be some people out there who, like me, would love to get their photos printed on polaroids without having to purchase all the devices and film needed to make that happen.

I found myself the rest of the materials I needed to run an Etsy store, and got to work. When the film arrived at my doorstep (six large, heavy boxes), voila - we became open for business in September 2020.

What We Do Now

From the first days of struggling through driving traffic to my shop to iterating new products and product lines, it has been such a huge blessing to have something fulfilling to do during the pandemic.

Now, Prints From My Instax has evolved to also carry polaroid postcards, film apparel, photo hanging accessories, and scrapbooking items (and more of everything to come!!). And we have this fancy website to boot!

I want to thank each and every one of you who have supported me and joined me in this journey.


Until next time,


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